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SERVPRO Does Remediate and Cleanup Mold Problems in the Fort Collins Area

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Ignored Moisture Can Cause Mold Damage to Fort Collins Properties--SERVPRO Offers Solutions

Mold Remediation Technicians In Fort Collins Talk About Problems During The Winter

If a pipe breaks inside your Fort Collins rental property during the winter time, several different types of problems could occur. If the house is empty at the time or the tenants neglect it, there is a chance that you will have to call in a professional mold remediation company such as SERVPRO. In the winter time, pipes can freeze, and we all know that water expands when frozen.

This sudden expansion can cause a break in the pipes which can spill gallons of water into the building. If nobody is around when the break happens, you may find yourself dealing with a mold remediation project at your Fort Collins property.
Rental properties are prime locations for fungal growth after a plumbing failure because there is a chance that nobody is present at the residence at the time of the pipe burst. As time goes on, the extent of your mold remediation job can exponentially get much more involved. As fungi develop, they can grow out of, into, and across the surfaces of any organic material they contaminate. As their structures known as hyphae get larger, they also start to create seed-like spores that they release into the air. These spores are microscopic, so they become airborne and float around your buildings airflow system until they decide to settle, then they await activation by moisture and an organic substance.
Even if you check on the property during the winter, it is possible that the cold weather did not create the ideal environment for mold growth to occur. A fungus needs an organic food source, moisture, time and warm, room-level temperatures to develop and grow. Building materials inside your rental that are composed of wood or paper can hold moisture for a while until the temperature warms up and creates the perfect mold-growing environment. Once wet or frozen organic substances warm up, microbes can activate, and hyphae can begin to form.
If you ever notice fungal contamination inside a rental property you own, call SERVPRO of at immediately after the problem occurs.

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