Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Commercial building with fire damage and board up

Commercial Fire Damage

Our Process

When a commercial property suffers from fire damage, our team is trained to help with restoration and board up any gaps or holes in the affected structure. We work quickly to get your business back to normal so you have minimal distractions from your day to day practice. 

Fire damaged building with soot damage

After Fire Damage

We're Here to Help

No matter the size disaster, our team at SERVPRO is here to help you after fire damages. Whether your home or business needs restoration and cleanup, we will be there to help you in no time. 

Our team at SERVPRO of Fort Collins is available 24/7 to assist you after fire loss

soot damage after fire

Soot Damage from Fire

Emergency Restoration

This home suffered from severe soot and smoke damage after a fire. To restore this home, our team at SERVPRO used OSHA approved cleaning techniques to remove dangerous chemicals and erase the soot damage

fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Collins, CO

Has your property experienced a fire? Fire damage restoration is a hefty project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Fort Collins! We have an an expert staff and top of the line equipment to get the job done right! (970) 493-6335

Fort Collins Fire and Soot Mess

The puff back from the furnace started a fire in this Fort Collins house resulting in the sooty deposits and residue as shown in the Photo. The ionized particulates formed spiderweb-like soot that needed careful vacuuming and wiping down to minimize the followup priming and repainting of these surfaces. SERVPRO techs have the training and the equipment to restore this fire-damaged home to its preloss condition.

Electrical Fires in Fort Collins Happen

An electrical short can spark a fire in the wall cavities of homes in Fort Collins. Kitchen appliances pull a large amount of current which can lead to overheating if a circuit breaker does not trip as intended. SERVPRO can clean up the mess with a phone call.

Fort Collins Smoke & Fire Residue

The stained wall, with an attempted cleaning from the Fort Collins homeowner, only exacerbated the problem. The smearing of a sooty film typically does not occur when a SERVPRO professional uses special sponges and can salvage the affected surfaces from replacement.

Denver Smoke & Fire Damaged Room

This photo illustrates the staining of smoke on walls after a fire in a Denver home. The large picture, now removed, along with the nail heads popping through the tape of the drywall, represent an interesting point. Even small fires contained quickly can leave behind significant fire damage restoration projects. SERVPRO offers many solutions.

Smoke Webs in a Denver Home

A fire fueled by plastics burns and creates smoke compounds that are ionized (electrically charged) and form these spider web looking residues. Do not be fooled; they can stain and cause a total repainting of the affected area if they are not removed professionally by our SERVPRO techni

Soot damage in laundry room.

Fire Damage – Fort Collins Laundry Room

Fire Damage at this Fort Collins home caused significant soot and smoke damage to the laundry room along with the remainder of the house. We removed the soot and smoke damage from the ceiling, the walls, cabinetry, and everything else in the laundry area. SERVPRO of Fort Collins is here to help. Call us anytime at (970) 493-9665.

Fire Damage – Denver Kitchen

The fire damage in this Denver home began with a stove fire. While the kitchen was the most heavily damaged area of the home, smoke damage and soot spread to every room. We inventoried and then transported the contents of the house to our facility for fire restoration services. We then dealt with the water damage incurred from the firefighting effort. Much of the kitchen needed to be torn out and removed. We cleaned and treated the walls and ceilings to remove the soot and smoke damage. Air scrubbers were used to help remove the terrible lingering odor of smoke. The kitchen was totally rebuilt. Then we moved the restored contents back to the house. Finally, the family returned to familiar surroundings that were as good as new. If fire damage forces you out of your home, call SERVPRO of Fort Collins 24/7 at (970) 493-9665. WE are here to help.